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Amy Winehouse Biopic Director Defends The Movie After It Receives ‘Brutal’ Reviews Online


10:29 2 Apr 2024

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“It’s not controversial in any way”

The Amy Winehouse biopic Back To Black is hitting the big screen later this month, but it’s not quite making the splash online that the film's creators were probably hoping for.

The film follows Amy on her journey to success while she struggles with fame and addiction, starring actress Marisa Abela (known for Industry) in the leading role.

While the film is yet to get a theatrical release, it’s already not fairing well with audiences as promotional clips do the rounds online.

Many online commenters have called Marisa’s attempts at replicating Amy’s singing in the movie “offensive” and joked that the people behind it “should be arrested.”

The film is directed by Sam Taylor Johnson, known for Fifty Shades of Grey and Nowhere Boy. Her husband Aaron Taylor Johnson is currently surrounded in speculation that he’s going to be the next James Bond.

Sam Taylor Johnson has defended her movie, saying it’s not controversial "in any way”.

“No, I don’t think [the film is controversial] in any way,” she told The Times, adding: “Noise will always be big about something like this, but nobody has really seen it yet and we’ve made it through Amy’s words, music, her perspective.”

Many fans had expressed concerns about the movie from the moment it was in development, as the film has the endorsement of Amy’s father, who was very involved in Amy's finances during her career and after her death.

Many have questioned whether the film is “necessary” while others claim the movie could potentially exploit the singer’s life.

Watch the trailer for Back To Black below:

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