You're Fired! Kildare's Emma B...


You're Fired! Kildare's Emma Browne First To Be Sent Home On The Apprentice

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:01 6 Jan 2023

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It was an unlucky start for her.

The Apprentice UK returned to our screens last night and there was excitement here at home as we learnt that 2 of the 18 hopefuls were Irish.

Kildare native Emma Browne was competing as well as Dublin man Kevin D'Arcy.

The first episode in the series aired last night on BBC One and the candidates were sent off to the Caribbean island if Antigua for their first task.

As always the candidates were split into girls vs boys teams and the girls were the losers in the first challenge of the series.

Which put Emma in the firing line as she was blamed for 'disrupting' the project.

They were set the challenging task of reviving the Antigua's tourism in the wake of Covid restrictions being lifted. The candidates had to choose the right tours and activities that would draw in ticket sales from tourists, and also be part of executing the process to earn tips and avoid refunds.

The women decided on a catamaran cruise and a pottery class for $135, while the guys opted for a history tour and desserts and rum tasting for $150.

Overall the men succeeded in selling more tickets and earning a higher profit, leaving the girls team vulnerable and having to fight it out in the boardroom to prove they still deserved to be in the process.


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Project manager Victoria decided to bring Emma back into the boardroom to take the hit for the failure of the task. Her teammates accused her of being a 'disruptor' maintaining that her arguing over the location of where to sell tickets cost them the task.

Her fellow contestants believed she deserved to be fired and Lord Sugar agreed, citing that there's 'no smoke without fire'.

And just like that Emma Browne from Kildare was the first to go.

She has a strong head on her shoulders though and we can see her going far!

What do you think? Was Lord Sugar right to send Emma packing or did her teammates let her down?

Let us know on our social media channels!

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