Patrick Kielty Wants People To...


Patrick Kielty Wants People To Stop Asking Him For Toy Show Tickets


10:44 7 Nov 2023

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The poor man must be getting plagued!

Patrick Kielty is gearing up to present his first ever Late Late Toy Show.

It’s been a few weeks since the Down man took over presenting the iconic chat show from Ryan Tubridy, and viewers are already buzzing to see how he’ll fare with his first ever Toy Show.

It’s televised event of the year so we’re sure he’s feeling the pressure to pull it off!

But the pre-Toy Show jitters aren’t all Patrick Kielty has to deal with in these weeks leading up to the big event.

The poor man is getting asked left, right and centre if he has any of those coveted tickets to give away!

He used his opening monologue on last Friday night's show to deliver a stern message to all of those asking:

“I don't have any tickets for the Toy Show special. People I hardly know are ringing me up, they're writing to me, they're sliding into my DMs. I mean honestly folks, it's getting ridiculous."

You heard the man!

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