A Sitcom Starring Domhnall Gle...


A Sitcom Starring Domhnall Gleeson Set To Take Place In “The US Office Universe”


10:09 9 May 2024

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A spin-off of The US Office is happening!

It’s one of the most bingeable and rewatchable series ever, and now we’re set to get its sequel.

It’s been confirmed that The US Office’s upcoming spin-off will star Domhnall Gleeson and The White Lotus star Sabrina Impacciatore, and will take place in the same universe as Michael Scott and co.

That means one sure thing to us - cameo appearances from our favourite characters in the original series!

It’s also been confirmed that this spin-off sitcom will be set in the offices of a dying newspaper office in America's midwest, where the publisher is trying to keep the business going with help from volunteer reporters.

In more promising updates, it’s being lead by the original The US Office creator too, Greg Daniels.

Now that the project has been green lit, it’s set to commence production in July, so it’s unclear when we can expect to stream this exciting new sitcom.

Until then we’ll just tide ourselves over with someone of our favourite scenes from the original series!

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