A Love Actually 20th Anniversa...


A Love Actually 20th Anniversary Reunion Is Happening

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:58 23 Nov 2022

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Can you believe it's been nearly 20 years?

It's been one of our favourites to rewatch every year, and possibly the most quotable Christmas film ever.

So when we heard the news that some of the cast were reuniting for a festive 20th Anniversary special, we jumped for joy! (or for love?)

The American TV channel ABC are airing an hour-long interview special on Love Actually and its legacy. It'll be hosted by Diane Sawyer talking to its biggest stars. Bill Nighy, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Laura Linney and the likes!

It's also going to feature two of its youngest cast members Thomas Brodie Sangster and Olivia Olson, who played the childhood sweethearts Sam & Joanna.

Check out a clip of the trailer below:

The 1-hour TV special will air on ABC next Tuesday the 29th of November, with no word yet if it'll be broadcast on any UK or Irish channels.

When the movie itself is so quintessentially British, we have to wonder - surely it's not being made exclusive for the Americans! We'll have to wait and see when it'll be made available on this side of the Atlantic because one thing's for sure - this looks like an absolute must-watch 😍

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