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Margot Robbie's Production Company To Make 'Monopoly' Movie


11:05 11 Apr 2024

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All the classic games are getting the movie treatment!

Just a few weeks ago, we shared news of a Sims movie in the works by Margot Robbie’s production company, LuckyChap.
LuckyChap were involved in the making of Barbie so it looked like they were following on from the success of bringing childhood favourites the big screen.

Now it’s been announced that LuckyChap will work with Lionsgate and Hasboro to create a movie based on Monopoly, the classic board game.

Adam Fogelson, chairman of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, said: “I could not imagine a better production team for this beloved and iconic brand than LuckyChap.”

Zev Foreman, head of film for Hasbro Entertainment, said: “As one of the most iconic games in the world, Monopoly provides an incredible platform for storytelling opportunities.”

Margot Robbie has spoken before about wanting to get LuckyChap behind the next summer blockbuster.

“We want to make more films that have the effect that Barbie has,” she said.

“I don’t know if it has to be Barbie 2. Why can’t it be another big, original, bold idea where we get an amazing filmmaker, a big budget to play with, and the trust of a huge conglomerate behind them to go and really play? I want to do that.”

Question now is: Will there be fights over who gets to play the top hat and who gets to play the dog? 😂

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