Sharon Osbourne Mocks Adele On...


Sharon Osbourne Mocks Adele On Celebrity Big Brother, Branding Her As ‘Fake’


10:29 8 Mar 2024

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She’s playing a dangerous game coming for Adele! 

Celebrity Big Brother returned to our screens earlier this week, and Sharon Osbourne (who struck a special deal to only stay there for 5 nights as a ‘celebrity lodger’) has already been dishing the dirt left, right and centre.

On last night's episode, in a conversation about name dropping, she immediately called out James Corden for being a  culprit of that.

“I’ll tell you who does that, James Corden,” she told Gary Goldsmith, “He does that all the time. I go to him, ‘I really like your shoes,’ and he goes, ‘Yes, Stella McCartney.’”

Louis was also part of the conversation and the two also threw digs at Anna Wintour and Ellen DeGeneres, calling the former a ‘C-word.’

Viewers were loving Sharon and Louis casually gossiping about their famous peers, but some people didn’t take too kindly to Sharon when she moved on to a more beloved celebrity - the one and only Adele. 

“I think that she plays the 'oh I'm so English and it's like cut the s**t, you don't talk like that anymore, just be true to who you are. But she does all this English...." 

So she’s accusing Adele for not being as ‘real’ as she appears! 

Like we said, it’s easy to throw dogs at the likes of James Corden and Anna Wintour who’ve had heat on them in the past, but we don’t think the Adele fans will take too kindly to last night's comments. 

What do you think? Did Sharon go too far? Or is her honesty in the Celebrity Big Brother house refreshing? 

Let us know on our social media! 

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Feature photo: ITV

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