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Production On The Traitors Season 3 ‘Thrown Into Chaos’ After An Overwhelming 300,000 Applications


09:39 5 Mar 2024

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They’re going to have a hard time whittling that down!

Production on season 3 of The Traitors has been ‘thrown into chaos’ as it’s been reported that 300,000 hopefuls applied to be on the show.

Producers are now said to be racing against the clock to whittle it down to just 22 contestants who will make onto the show ahead of shooting in a few months time.

The Traitors has been a smash hit for the BBC, with its second season drawing in 7 million viewers and many saying it’s the best reality show ever produced.

If you’re not familiar, The Traitors can’t be compared to the Love Islands and Married At First Sights of this world.

The show pits a group of 22 individuals from all ages and backgrounds against each other for a grand cash prize. The majority of the group are 'Faithfuls' but others are secretly chosen as 'Traitors' who can 'murder ' their fellow contestants. The Faithfuls must figure out who the Traitors are, and 'banish' them in order to make it to the end and get their hands on that grand prize.

Given that anyone can apply and the second season was such a hit, it’s no surprise that production have been overwhelmed with applications for the next season!

“[Filming] has to start in the spring because during the summer months the hours of daylight in the far north of Scotland are far too long,” a source told The Sun.

“Which is a big problem because, as anyone who's watched the show will know, a lot of it has to take place at night.”

Let’s hope they’re still very careful with the casting process and find contestants just as good as the previous series!

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