Olivia Attwood Finally Reveals...


Olivia Attwood Finally Reveals Why She Had To Leave I'm A Celeb

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

01:22 14 Nov 2022

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From bookies' favourite to first to leave...

It's been a week since it was announced Olivia was forced to leave the show, and finally we have answers.

After just 48 hours in the jungle, we learnt that Olivia was strongly advised by the show's medical team not to return after a "precautionary" check-up.

Olivia's family made a statement on her social media saying the Ex-Love Islander was "heartbroken" to have to leave the show so early and that her fans would learn the truth of her departure "in due course".


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In an exclusive interview to the Daily Mail yesterday, Olivia was able to finally reveal that the reason she had to leave the jungle was down to her being "dangerously anaemic".

Despite saying she was "feeling fine," the production team had to rush her to the hospital as she had low levels of sodium and potassium.

She told the publication: "I was so scared. I was like: 'What the hell is wrong with me?' They couldn't give me an answer, they just told me that they had to get me to the hospital immediately."

The journey to the hospital from camp is 40 minutes, which Attwood described as "the longest journey ever" as, at the time, she didn't know what was wrong with her.

She said: "I didn't know what to think. I was wondering if I had picked up a virus, was I pregnant, all of these things were going through my head. It was absolutely frightening."

On the decision made by ITV not to let her return to camp, Attwood said:

"I'm not a crier but I started to cry. It was so emotional. I was heartbroken and gutted."

Speaking to Holly and Phillip on This Morning, she revealed she refuses to watch the show as it goes on as she admitted to feeling "jealous" she's not still there.

"I'm not watching...makes me feel sad. I have FOMO"


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She also revealed how she would have handled having to share the camp with MP Matt Handcock.

While she admitted she'd have tried to approach his appearance with a " bit of humour" and given him some stick, she pointed out that his stint in the jungle isn't a laughing matter for many across the country.

Olivia also addressed the potential of her returning to the jungle next year for round 2.

"Luckily, I've got my other shows and the documentaries."

"We had already moved everything once so I daren't even question that, but I'd loved to as I feel it was cut short."

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