Lie Detector Aftermath Sees Couples In Crisis On Tonight's Love Island


Lie Detector Aftermath Sees Couples In Crisis On Tonight's Love Island

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*Contains Spoilers*

The Love Island couples are still reeling from the results of the lie detector tests, as the fall out continues for Jack and Dani.

Check out what's in store on tonight's episode...

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With Dani having stormed off after questioning Jack on his results, Jack vents in the Beach Hut:

“Imagine you keep saying something to somebody and they’re telling you you’re wrong and you’re lying. Just giving me the hump. What is the point? Just going around in circles. I’ve said ‘mate, you’ve got nothing to worry about.’ My head isn’t going to be turned, I’m not going to be tempted on the outside by any girls at all. It’s not going to happen. All I’m getting back is ‘oh no, you will.’ What do you want me to say then? ‘Oh yeah, I will be.’ I don’t understand it.”

Dani meanwhile seeks counsel with Laura and Alexandra as she cools off from her earlier clash with Jack:

“Obviously with Jack, ever since I’ve been in here, you know, it hasn’t been easy the stuff I’ve always heard from the outside. His past, the girl that he was with was in here, she explained how he was to her and it was awful for me, it was not the Jack I knew. I completely get that I probably have changed Jack…everyone wants to be that girl. I want to be that girl when I get out of here, and have all that. I don’t want my boyfriend’s head to be turned. Does any girl?”

Expressing her fears for their future together, she bluntly informs the girls:

“I can’t be with a liar.”

Elaborating further on the upset caused by the outcome of Jack’s lie detector, Dani tells the Beach Hut:

“I’m just so upset with him right now. I just think I’ve never had to walk away from a situation but he wasn’t listening to a word I had to say. He was just being so defensive of it all. I just want him to understand where I’m coming from. I’m p***** off with him and I never am. I’m just hurt, I am hurt with Jack.”

With Alex doing his best to lend Jack a shoulder to cry on, Jack refuses to back down and insists Dani is in the wrong:

“Do you know what mate, I’m just really upset and angry at how that went and I’ll tell you for why. She’s upset like ‘could you be tempted by other girls outside of here?’ All I can do is say to her ‘Dan, you’ve got nothing to worry about, let me show you.’ Which is what I kept saying. But she wasn’t having any of it. Do you know the thing that’s upset me the most right? She’s upset and having a go at me for something that hasn’t even happened yet.”

Aware of Dani’s ongoing insecurity that Jack’s head will be turned on the outside, Jack insists:

“The only way I can set that straight is when we leave, I can’t change it in here.”

With the tension still palpable as the Islanders head to bed for the evening, Jack and Dani once again clash in bed together.

Jack - “You’re doing the worst thing you could possibly do by saying ‘don’t be with me then.”

Dani- “Obviously because you’re upsetting me, you keep making me feel like it’s my fault.”

Jack - “You went about it wrong, I’m sorry, and then you stormed off, I’ve never stormed off from you.”

Dani - “Maybe you deserve better then.”

Jack - “That is the most dramatic thing I’ve ever heard.”                  

Dani – “Go away.”

The following morning, Dani reflects on the terrace with the other girls:

“It was just really horrible last night with Jack. We didn’t (cuddle) at all. It’s weird. We always cuddle and kiss. I don’t want to row with him. I just want to sort it out with him today.”

Acknowledging her own faults in the fall out, Dani talks to the Beach Hut and declares she is ready to speak to Jack and work through this latest obstacle:

“I just want him to understand why I was upset, just have a little bit of understanding towards me. I am a bit stubborn sometimes and I don’t like being in the wrong. I hate saying ‘sorry’, it’s such a struggle for me. I do want to have a chat with him and see where we can move forward with it because it’ll just get a bit petty otherwise.”

When the couple finally come face to face, says:

“I understand why you were upset about being tempted outside. I understand why you were a bit upset about that. But I haven’t actually done anything.”

Dani responds:

“I know you haven’t, I never said you had done anything though. It just upset me the whole situation why that one come up, I couldn’t understand why. Why you’d be unfaithful on the outside? Because me and you have been so good in here that when that question came up of course I’m going to think ‘what?’ Of all the questions, I don’t care about any of the other ones. That one is so important to me.”

Desperate to offer Dani some reassurance, Jack insists that Dani is worrying about nothing:

“The only thing I can say to you is that when we leave, you’ll see that you have nothing to worry about, you really have got nothing to worry about. But essentially, I love you, want to be with you, and I want to have a family. That’s what I want out of us two and I’m so happy that I’ve found it.”

Can Love Island’s longest standing couple get back on track?


Jack and Dani aren’t the only couple picking up the pieces off the back of the Lie Detector; Megan also opens up to Wes about her feelings of self-doubt after Wes was revealed to have lied about wanting to introduce Megan to his parents.

Questioning her own self worth, Megan admits her ongoing concern about how Wes’ parents will react to her:

“I know deep down if you had a son that was good at everything like you are, and smart and intelligent, would you want them to come back with a girl that’s done glamour modelling and stripping? Or would you want them to get with a girl who’s smart like a doctor or sensible Sally who works in an office, do you know what I mean?”

Megan also admits she remains self-conscious about her past:

“You know that I’m embarrassed of my past and stuff. I know I’d be the same, if I had a kid or if my brother brought a girl back that had done the jobs I’d done, it’s not ideal but that’s not all there is to me. I’m a nice person.”

Wes offers Megan reassurance as he insists Megan’s background will have no sway on his parents’ feelings towards her:

“I’ve brought someone home that’s not in the stereotypical, idyllic role. Would my dad care about that? No. He’s going to judge you on your personality. He’s going to judge you on how happy I am, and how happy we make each other.”

Determined to shake off her latest bout of insecurity, Megan tells the Beach Hut:

“It’s not Wes’ fault. It’s always been a massive insecurity of mine. I feel like if there was one question I really wanted him to be telling the truth on and it come back positive would have been the ‘introduce me to your parents, are you embarrassed or not’ and yeah, it did hurt.”

Can Megan overcome her own insecurities to find a way forward with Wes?


Having recently rekindled her romance with Alex, there is another set back for Alexandra after the Lie Detector doesn’t offer the assurances she is looking for.

Uncertain about where the relationship with Alex is heading, she pours her heart out in the Beach Hut:

“I just feel really unsure about everything between Alex and I at the moment. I just feel like all of the answers that I got back aren’t really good enough to be honest. I just feel like he’s not even attracted to me at the moment.”

Turning to Dani and Laura for support, Alexandra tearfully talks about her issues with Alex and their relationship: 

“I went through hell and back. When he first said about Laura, saying that he didn’t want to recouple and stuff and then that came back as a lie tonight I knew my insecurities were right. That’s why I wanted to pull back and that’s why I started getting to know Paul, because I felt like my intuition was right. Now it’s like blow after blow after blow. He obviously feels really uncertain about the situation. I just want to meet someone that really adores me and cares for me the way I care for them. I know he’s not into PDA and stuff and he doesn’t want to move things at a fast pace but I feel like he’s now using that as an excuse because he’s not into me the way I want him to be. I don’t want to be angry at him, I just don’t understand. There’s so much uncertainty that I feel, which is really unsettling.”          


Determined to get to the bottom of Alex’s true feelings, she pulls him to one side and opens up:

“I feel like I’m being maybe too understanding of the situation. In the sense that, breaking it down every single question that was responded to was not really a good thing. Pretty much every single one other than ‘is Alexandra a good kisser?’ which came back as ‘yes.’ For me it was a case of ‘do you see us potentially dating outside of here?’ I know we’ve spoken about it. But you automatically said ‘no,’ which was really hurtful. I have to be honest.”

Alex attempts to defend himself, but the conversation quickly descends into a disagreement as Alexandra calls him out for placing the blame onto her:

Alex - “The future for me means relationship, marriage, moving in together. Don’t know.”

Alexandra - “A future means ‘do you see something outside of the villa progressing?”

Alex - “You didn’t ask that. You didn’t ask that question. Don’t ask a question that’s vague and then expect a very certain answer.”

Alexandra - “I don’t feel like this should be turned around on me. What I want to know is, how do you feel about me right now? Do you honestly feel attracted to me or not?”

Alex responds:

“I feel very attracted to you, and I feel like we’ve had a sick couple of days which have gone really, really well. Before this test, you didn’t have any concerns.”

But with doubts running through her mind, are Alex’s assurances too little, too late?

“We were having such a good time. And now it’s made me feel a bit unsure. And I need you to understand that. They are my concerns. I’m not going to say they’re not concerns because I have felt a bit unsettled today, from those answers.”

Are Alex and Alexandra about to go from on to off again?


The Islanders get another taste of what the outside world is saying about them in the day’s Challenge.

A text arrives with the vital details:

Islanders, it’s time to hear what the outside world is saying about you in today’s challenge ‘Shake it Off.’ #readallaboutit #oursurveysays

The Islanders are split into two teams where they have to guess the missing words in various media headlines.

Alexandra however is left mortified when a headline is read out exposing that she asked Paul to kiss her.

Keen to put the episode behind her, Alexandra is quick to confront the issue with Laura:

“I just wanted to pull you over just to talk about obviously the ‘I’d like to kiss you situation with Paul.’ I’m so embarrassed. I’m actually cringing at myself for even saying it. And I just wanted to sweep it under the carpet, because I can’t even believe in myself that I said those words. It was a throwaway comment of ‘I’d like to kiss you.’ I was giggling and I was like ‘I’d really like to kiss you’ but it was just a stupid throwaway comment. And then I was like ‘why did you say that?’ So, yeah, maybe I should have said something previously to you, maybe I was trying to erase it from my mind.”

Is Laura in the mood for forgiveness?

Love Island continues on 3e tonight at 9pm. 

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