Islanders To Recouple On Tonight's Love Island

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*Contains Spoilers*

A teaser has been released ahead of tonight's episode of Love Island.

Tonight's show will see the main villa react to the Villa Story video of the boys in Casa Amor, it looks like Dr Alex could be falling for Grace and a recoupling is announced sending shockwaves through both villas. 

Check out what's in store below: 

Georgia is "fuming"

The villa has just been rocked by a Villa Story video sent to the girls in the main villa, showing some of what the boys have been getting up to in Casa Amor.

The new boys in the main villa are watching the girls react to the Villa Story video.

The girls watch the video again and Georgia notices Josh jumping on the bed excitedly after a girl walks out of the room.

In the Beach Hut, she says: “I’m fuming. I’ve been loyal to him the whole time I’ve been in here and then he’s thrusting like that. Get a bloody grip!”

Georgia shows the new boys the video and questions what it means that Josh is getting excited about the other girl.

Georgia says to Laura: “He was frustrated because there was another girl in that villa that he fancies and he doesn’t know what to do. I have been loyal the whole time I’ve been in here because I fancy Josh and I see a future with Josh. Why is he not being loyal to me?”

New boy Jack tells her: “It doesn’t look great but you don’t know, it’s boys around boys. He’s a boy, we just do dumb stuff when we’re around each other.”

Wes And Jack Are Missing Megan and Dani 

Wes says: “I just want to get back to Meg now. I feel like I know where my head is at and she was saying exactly the same stuff that I was saying… I’ll be gutted if she’s got with someone over there. We have put our necks on the line, I’ll be gutted if she’s done [something.]”

Jack says: “I’ve got a brand new relationship that I care about a lot. I want to go and be with her. I don’t want to be here… These are real relationships, and real lives and real feelings you can’t hide that. I will always say how I feel regardless. I want to go back and be in bed with my girlfriend, not in a bed on my own in the garden… I’m over being here now… I want to go back and see my girlfriend.”

Dani Says She Loves Jack

Dani admits to Georgia that she loves Jack.

“Me and Jack are boyfriend and girlfriend, he is my boyfriend. I have been so committed to that boy. As soon as the boys walked in, I was not interested. I’ve got a boyfriend, I’m very happy. That is it. I basically love the kid, I honestly do. Every time I see him I’m like ‘fit.’”

Has Alex Found His Perfect Match?

Dr Alex has been getting to know Grace in Casa Amor.

In the Beach Hut, Grace says: “Alex is a really nice guy, we’ve got a lot in common and it’s been really nice spending time with him today. I could talk to him for hours. He’s so interesting and there is so much more you can find out about him.”

In the Beach Hut, Alex talks about Grace and Charlie, both of whom he has got to know over the past few days in Casa Amor: “It feels a bit like the ball is in my court. I need to decide who I have stronger feelings towards.”


Caroline enters the main villa where the original girls and new boys are gathered around the fire pit.

“Megan, I’m going to start with you, please stand up", Flack says.  "As your partner Eyal was dumped from the Island, you are officially single. But before the boys left for Casa Amor, you were romantically involved with Wes. Now you have the choice. You can stay single and if Wes has [not brought a new girl back], you two could pick up where you left off. Or has one of the new boys caught your eye?”

Megan says: “Although I was getting to know Wes, I feel like I’ve had a really good connection with one of the new boys. He is genuine, he is fun and I really fancy him so I’ve decided to couple up with one of the new boys.”

Caroline asks her: “And who would you like to couple up with?”

Megan replies: “Alex.”

Caroline tells them: “Congratulations guys, you are our first couple. Alex, go and join Megan.”

To Laura, Caroline says: “You were coupled up with Wes before the boys left for Casa Amor. But as we know you guys had broken up and Wes had been getting closer to Megan. The choice is still yours though. Would you like to stick with Wes or would you like to recouple?”

Laura shares her decision before Wes walks back into the villa alone. Because Wes didn’t bring a new girl back from Casa Amor, he is now single.

Will Josh go for Kaz or stick with Georgia? Will Alex finally find a good match?

Find out when Love Island continues tonight from 9pm on 3e. 

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