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Celebrity Big Brother Viewers Criticise Louis Walsh For His ‘Rude’ Behaviour On Last Night's Episode


12:28 6 Mar 2024

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He’s only been there a day and he’s already ruffling feathers!

Celebrity Big Brother kicked off last Monday night, making a return to our screens for the first time in 6 years, on its new home on ITV.

Some of the famous faces taking to the house include Love Island’s Ekin Su and Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith.

And the rumours were true, Louis Walsh was indeed signed up to go into the Big Brother house, alongside his former X-Factor colleague Sharon Osbourne, who’s only staying temporarily as a ‘celebrity lodger’.

Monday night’s episode was all about introducing the celebrities to the Big Brother house and Tuesday night's episode let us see the housemates all get acquainted with one another.

After they all met and shook hands, the bedroom (which they all share during the show) was opened and they were able to pick their beds.

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lauren Simon was sat on the big double bed when Louis Walsh came striding towards her claiming it as his.

“No, that’s mine. Out. Up up up. That’s mine.”

Alright Louis!

Lauren Simon wasn’t looking for an argument and obliged to letting the former X-Factor judge have his desired bed.

Gary Goldsmith overheard the conversation and said to Louis Walsh: “That was very strong. Up, up, up,” to which Louise responded that he was joking.

“She knows that. She knows I’m joking.”

This wasn’t the only time that Louis Walsh’s behaviour left a sour taste in viewers' mouths, as they branded his comments towards David Potts as “rude.”

As the Ibiza Weekender star walked about the house in a black top and shorts, Walsh said passed comments on the risqué look, stating that he didn’t “need to see that”.

Lots of viewers weren’t impressed with Louis’s carry on!

“Louis Walsh is RUDE!! ‘UP UP UP THATS MY BED’. The up up was nasty,” one annoyed viewer wrote on social

“Louis is now getting on my nerves - the way he spoke to Lauren was so rude!” another wrote.

“Don't like Louis' energy towards David whatsoever! It's giving bully,” another commenter said after the scene with David Potts.

Louis Walsh will have to be careful not to get too riled up in there, he could be on the road to losing fans inside and outside the house!

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