An Irish Version Of 'The Trait...


An Irish Version Of 'The Traitors' Is Reportedly In The Works


09:49 18 Jan 2024

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Someone please make this happen!

The Traitors UK is currently airing on BBC and it has us all gripped with its twists and turns.

If you’re not familiar with The Traitors, we couldn’t recommend it enough.


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Dubbed as the best reality series ever, the show takes 22 contestants who are pitted against each other for a grand prize.

The majority of the group are 'Faithfuls' but others are secretly chosen as 'Traitors' who can 'murder ' their fellow contestants. The Faithfuls must figure out who the Traitors are, and 'banish' them in order to make it to the end and get their hands on that grand prize.

The UK version is some of the most exciting telly produced in years so it’s not surprising that someone out there is vouching to get an Irish version made!

According to the Irish Times, RTÉ are in talks with the production company who make The Traitors to create one here.

Apparently the team have already gone over the castle in Scotland where the UK version is filmed to help them suss similar castles in Ireland that would have the Traitors potential.

Hook it to our veins!

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