Aaron From The Traitors Is Joi...


Aaron From The Traitors Is Joining Love Island USA


10:44 5 Jun 2024

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Now this we didn't see coming!

He was a fan favourite on the first season of The Traitors UK and now it seems like he's looking for love in America!

Aaron Evans, who went on to win The Traitors with fellow Faithfuls Meryl and Hannah, is now expanding his reality show horizons and has officially been announced as a starting contestant on Love Island USA.

Aaron won the hearts of the nation while he appeared on The Traitors, talking honestly about his ADHD and how he wanted to win the money for his mam.

In his introduction in the Love Island USA teaser, he admitted to still being a "mama's boy".

"The Brit has arrived," Aaron exclaimed in the teaser shared to socials yesterday.

"I'm definitely, definitely a mama's boy. I always think 'would my mum get on with this person?' If it's no straight away then they're out." he continued.

Will the Americans take to Aaron as much as the British public did?

We're going to have our work cut out for us this summer trying to keep up with all these reality TV shows 😅

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