A Parody Of 'The Traitors' Is...


A Parody Of 'The Traitors' Is Airing Tonight For Comic Relief


12:24 15 Mar 2024

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When we say we are BUZZING for this!

This week on 98FM, we were only honoured to have the iconic Diane from The Traitors join us for a chat.

The Northern Irish mum made brilliant TV this year when she and her son appeared on second series of the hit BBC show.

If you're not familiar with The Traitors, this is how it works:

The show begins with 22 contestants who all come together in a castle in the Scottish Highlands. Some are chosen as 'Faithfuls' but others are secretly chosen as 'Traitors' who can 'murder ' their fellow contestants. The Faithfuls must figure out who the Traitors are, and 'banish' them in order to make it to the end and get their hands on that grand prize.

In the latest series (spoilers ahead), Diane and Ross quickly established themselves as memorable characters when they revealed themselves to secretly be mother and son a few episodes in. A fact they kept secret from their fellow players during the show as well.

Rebecca and Brendan couldn't hide their excitement when they sat down to chat with the most iconic TV mam since Moira Rose.

They asked Diane about The Traitors: The Movie, a parody of the BBC show that's going to be airing as part of Comic Relief tonight.


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They also challenged her to their own version of the Round Table with a game of 2 Truths And A Lie, and got her to reveal all the behind the scenes gossip from the show 👀

Listen back to our full chat with Diane AKA Mum here 👇

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