Taoiseach Launches Two New Cit...


Taoiseach Launches Two New Citizens Assemblies In Dublin

Fiona Cooney
Fiona Cooney

02:22 9 Apr 2022

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The Taoiseach has launched two new Citizens Assemblies this afternoon - one on biodiversity loss and another on a directly elected Dublin Mayor.

They'll be chaired by Dr Aoibhinn Ni Shuileabhan and the former Dublin GAA manager Jim Gavin.


Jim Gavin addressing the launch of the directly elected Mayor for Dublin


These groups contain everyday people who will get to discuss and recommend policy in these areas to the government.

Firstly, Biodiversity loss has been described as a 'major global, European, national and local issue' that is damaging the planet and affects us all.

Members will look at soil health, water cleanliness, and the populations of both animals and plants.

The second assembly looks at the possibility of having Dublin's population directly elect its Mayor.

Currently, the four local Authorities have one mayor each that is chosen by Councillors.

Both assemblies will now meet separately across the course of 2022 to get to work on these issues.

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