Plan For Booster Jabs For Over...


Plan For Booster Jabs For Over 40s Expected


03:13 13 Dec 2021

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The government chief whip says the HSE will produce a plan to 'really accelerate' the booster campaign later this week.

It will include details of when booster jabs will open up to over-40s.

The HSE will also confirm this week when 5 to 11 year olds can get their first vaccine.

Minister of State, Jack Chambers, says the booster campaign will ramp up considerably.

"The HSE will produce a revised plan this week which will, will outline the date for when the over 40s will start and they'll be able to give certainty around that. They'll also be setting out what additional capacity they can provide. The HSE will produce a revised plan to really accelerate the booster campaign."

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