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Moore Street "Could Be Dublin's Camden Market" - Historian


04:15 23 Mar 2020

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Moore Street has the potential to rival Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

That's according to historian Barry Kennerk, who says the city needs a Camden Market of it's own.

"We need to have a destination, when you're coming to Dublin."

"When you're googling Dublin for the top ten sites or things to see, you want Moore Street to come up first."

"It's just not that at the moment."

During the 1950s and 60s there were up to 80 trading stalls on Moore Street, that has dropped to just 17.

Barry says people are ashamed of the condition the street is currently in.

"Tour guides stop short at the top of Moore Street, at the junction of Henry Street."

"They're almost embarrassed to take people down and show them the street because of the state it's been allowed fall into."

"Just on the very doorstep of Moore Street you have the GPO."


Pronsias O'Rahilly's grandfather passed away in a laneway just off Moore Street, O'Rahilly Parade, during the Rising.

He's frustrated at the lack of progress in regenerating the area:

"There's been so many expert groups set up by the minister, by various ministers."

"There's been reports drawn up, we've gone though all that."

"We managed to save the four houses"

"They're not willing to accept that all the houses in the terrace are as individually historic as the terrace itself."

The Hammersons Property group own a section of the street, they said last May that the “unique character and vibrancy” will be restored.

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