Moore Street's Historic Charac...


Moore Street's Historic Character To Be Protected

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Dublin City Council has voted unanimously to make Moore Street an Architectural Conservation Area.

The decision would mean tight planning controls on the area, with property owners no long allowed to make any material changes to their premises exterior without seeking permission first.

Green Party Councillor Donna Cooney proposed the emergency motion at last night's meetings.

She admits that the street "needs to be revitalized" but it can be done respectfully.

"It needs to be done in a way that is sensitive to the unique character of Moore Street and the Market."

Cllr Cooney says the move will mean "no demolition and no big shopping centres".

She believes protecting the iconic Dublin Street will provide a unique experience for visitors.

"You want to bring footfall into the area, it needs to be an experience in itself," she said.

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