Holly Willoughby makes emotion...


Holly Willoughby makes emotional return to This Morning

98FM News
98FM News

02:44 5 Jun 2023

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"We gave our love and support to someone who was not telling the truth."

Those are the words of Holly Willoughby who's returned to the 'This Morning' sofa for the first time since Philip Schofield's departure.

He left both the programme and ITV after admitting to lying to her and the channel about an affair with a younger employee.

She's told viewers she previously supported "someone who was not telling the truth" - and has been left "shaken, troubled" and "let down".

Holly said this morning she hopes that the staff and viewers can now find strength in each other:

"Deep breath - firstly, are you OK? I hope so. It feels very strange sitting here without Phil and I imagine you might be feeling a lot like I have - shaken, troubled, let down, worried for the wellbeing of people on all sides of what's been going on, and full of questions.

"You, me and all of us at This Morning gave our love and support to someone who was not telling the truth, who acted in a way that they themselves felt that they had to resign from ITV and step down from a career that they loved. That is a lot to process.

"And it's equally hard to see the toll that it's taken on their own mental health. I think what unites us all now is a desire to heal for the health and wellbeing of everyone. I hope that as we start this new chapter and get back to a place of warmth and magic that this show holds for all of us, we can find strength in each other.

"And from my own heart, can I just say thank you for all of your kind messages and thank you for being here this morning. Myself, Josie, Dermot, Alison and Craig and every single person on this show will continue to work hard every single day to bring you the show that we love."


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