Government Urged To


Government Urged To "Get Its House In Order" On Immigration

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:51 30 Apr 2024

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The government is being urged to "get its house in order" on immigration.

It comes amid a deepening row with the UK over returning asylum seekers to Britain.

The Opposition say the claim by the Justice Minister that 80% of asylum seekers are coming from the UK into Ireland via the North is incendiary and can’t be stood up.

In fact, even the Tánaiste’s called the figure into question saying it was perspective and not fact.

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald raised in the Dáil today.

"Can you clarify first Taoiseach, which, if either, the Minister for Justice or the Tánaiste are actually speaking accurately."

"By the way, the mishandling of this by your government by your Tánaiste, that has been a gift to The Tories."

Both the Taoiseach and Justice Minister have now come out defending the figure – saying they’re working to close the loophole to send refugees back to the UK if they cross the border.

Taoiseach Simon Harris denied there was a contradiction in Government on the issue:

"It's important that we listen to the men and women working in the IPO in the International Protection Office, who tell the Minister."

"Who then has the good form to tell this house and a committee that they're now seeing a very significant increase in the number of people who've arrived seeking protection and have come from the UK."

"I think it would have been an irresponsible government that wouldn't have shared that."

But the British Government says they won’t take them back leaving more questions than answers on what happens next.

Not to mention the refugees at the heart of all this are being called ‘‘returns’’ making them sound like a unwanted shopping item.

The Social Democrats say these are human lives that shouldn’t be used in a political game.

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