Family Amendment Fails To Pass...


Family Amendment Fails To Pass by Almost 68%

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

07:51 9 Mar 2024

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The referendum to change the constitutional definition of the Family has failed by an overwhelming 67.69%.

The amendment sought to change the wording of the family from being solely based on marriage to being based on “durable relationships”. 

National turnout was 44.36% with a final result of Yes 32.31% and No 67.69%.

The final result in the Family referendum The final result in the Family referendum. Source:

Early counting in the RDS quickly indicated that the referendum would not be passed.

Only Dún-Laoghaire voted in favour of the Family amendment, although it was by a razor-thin margin of 50.29%. 

Dublin Mid-West voted No by the largest margin in the Dublin region at 80.21%.

Donegal had the highest No vote in the country with 78.08% against the amendment. 

ballot boxes and votes being counted in the RDS for the referendum on family and care Ballot boxes and votes being counted in the RDS for the referendum on family and care. Image: Leah Farrell/©

Ahead of the full results being announced, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the Government “clearly got it wrong” in their campaign. 

“It was our responsibility to convince the majority of people and we failed to do so,” he said. 

“We struggled to convince people of the necessity or need of the referendum at all, let alone the details and the wording.  

“That is something we’re obviously going to have to reflect on in the week and months ahead.” 

Counting is now underway in the Care amendment.

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