Crack Cocaine Epidemic Raging...


Crack Cocaine Epidemic Raging In Dublin - Archbishop


08:47 30 Nov 2021

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In the midst of the pandemic, a crack cocaine epidemic is raging in Dublin, according to Dublin's Archbishop.

Dermot Farrell says the city is experiencing a plague of drugs. He made the comments during a mass in St Andrews Church on Westland Row;

"The ‘normalisation’ of a drugs culture in Ireland is a major societal issue.  For some people taking drugs has become as normal as having a drink" he said during the homily.

Archbishop Farrell says this makes the problem more complex and that young children have become involved;

"People who take drugs are accomplices to this entrapment of children and young people and I'm talking about children down in primary school."

But he believes the problem can be tackled; "based on the good will and the many dedicated efforts of community groups, government and religious leaders, that these causes can be addressed"


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