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Companies Are Encouraging Employees To Bring Their Dogs To Work


03:53 5 Sep 2022

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A business in the UK is encouraging other offices to open their doors to pets.

Cloud9 Insight, a tech company based in Brighton in the UK, is welcoming dogs into the office with their owners.

They say most animals are well-behaved when in the workplace as they've put ground rules in place.

CEO, Carlene Jackson, says it has had a positive effect on employee wellbeing.

"The joy and the uplift of positive energy in the office for everyone, not just the owners, is very significant," she says.

"Generally we find that all the dogs are pretty well behaved."

"People tend to only bring in well-behaved dogs, I think if they started barking or wherever that wouldn't go down so well."

Jackson goes on to say that it helps employees take time away from their desks.

"I think it's really important that people take a break."

"Research shows that it's important to take frequent breaks and people that have dogs are probably more likely to take a break from their desk."

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