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Call For Compassionate Leave For Workers When Pets Die

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

09:22 25 Jul 2022

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Employers are being called on to offer compassionate leave for staff when their pets die.

Research carried out for Dogs Trust found that 51% of people said their dog's death was like losing a family member, while 72% admit to having more photos of their dog than their partner or family on their phone.

Close to 6 in 10 people said it took them a year or more to start to come to terms with their dog’s passing.

The animal welfare charity is today launching its 'Not Just a Dog' campaign to highlight the devastating impact a dog's death can have on its owners.

Speaking about the passing of his own dog, Comedian and Broadcaster, PJ Gallagher said;

"I had Lylo, my Collie Cross who I adopted from Dogs Trust for 10 fantastic years. She was my best friend, and I was devastated when I had to say goodbye to her. We need to recognise how crushing it is for dog owners when their dog dies and it’s important that people feel they can talk about it, without being told to get over it, it’s just a dog.”

Becky Bristow is Executive Director of Dogs Trust Ireland;

"Many people spend more time with their dogs than anyone else in their life and have a unique bond with them. As a dog welfare charity, we understand the impact the loss of a dog can have, so we offer our employees a day’s paid leave in the event of the death of their dog, and we would love to see other employers offering the same."

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