Overcrowding At Dog Shelters I...


Overcrowding At Dog Shelters Is The "Worst In A Decade"

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Overcrowding in Ireland’s dog pounds and shelters is the “worst we’ve seen in a decade,” according to Senator Lynn Boylan.

The Sinn Féin representative said 14 pounds and shelters have announced that they have no more space to take in dogs in the last three weeks.

On Monday meanwhile, five shelters “shut down in a single day”.

Senator Boylan said pounds are dealing with a surge in post-pandemic surrender requests – and the housing crisis is also having an impact.

She urged the Government to urgently step in and offer shelters the support they need.

“It is the worst we’ve seen in a decade,” she told Shane Beatty.

“Fourteen in the last three weeks have announced that they have no more space to take in dogs and on Monday, five shut down in single day.

“So, this is a disaster obviously for the dogs that are in there. The staff are under pressure but equally for any more dogs that people are surrendering or that are straining – there is just nowhere for the dogs to go and we haven’t been in this situation for over a decade in Ireland.

“It is really, really concerning.”

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