Motion To Reinstate Mansion Ho...


Motion To Reinstate Mansion House Christmas Crib To Be Proposed Tomorrow


11:50 6 Nov 2022

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There may still be room at the inn - for the city's live nativity crib.

Fine Gael's forcing a council vote on the cancelled Mansion House tradition, claiming the decision to remove the animals from the crib was a knee-jerk reaction to complaints by noisy fringe groups.

Fine Gael Cllr James Geoghegan, says they'll hold a vote at a city council meeting tomorrow night, if a resolution isn't reached beforehand.

He says: "This is our last chance as elected members of Dublin City Council to try to persuade the Lord Mayor to change her mind. We have a city council meeting on Monday with the normal business, and the Fine Gael councillors have submitted a motion effectively requesting the Lord Mayor to overturn, and force it to a vote.

"It's our hope that sense might prevail if the majority of councillors share our view which I think they do to be honest with you."


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