Boyzone Are Appealing To Their...


Boyzone Are Appealing To Their OG Fans To Help Them With “An Exciting Project”


09:04 9 May 2024

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You have our attention 👀

Boyzone want our help!

Keith Duffy put out an appeal on his Instagram yesterday for people who have been Boyzone fans since the 90s, to help them with an upcoming project.

The 49-year-old singer put up a story asking fans that have any photos of them from gigs in the 90s, to send them his way.

“Hi everyone!” the text read, “We’re working on an exciting new Boyzone project and wanted to enlist the help of any fans out there who might have any videos or photos that you took of any of the early gigs in the 90s".

“If you have any footage you’d be happy to share, please email for more details” the message concluded.

Were you at any of the early Boyzone gigs back in the day? Do you consider yourself one of the early, OG fans?

Well go digging for those old photo albums and see what you can find!

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