Adele Comes Under Fire For The...


Adele Comes Under Fire For The “Extortionate” Price Of Her Concert Tickets


09:13 15 Feb 2024

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Some of these ticket prices are scandalous to be fair!

A lot of scrutiny is being aimed at Adele right now as fans are complaining about the price of her concert tickets.

The London singer recently announced a mini European residency in Munich, adding 4 extra dates due to incredible demand.


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But a lot of fans are not happy with the amount they’re being expected to hand over just to get a glimpse of their favourite singer.

“Adele in August! Adele ticket prices must be a joke…300 euros for a seat at the way back????” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Adele ticket prices are looking insane already why are these artists making it so difficult for regular people to go see them live.” another fan commented.

Right now if you logged on to buy Adele tickets, the cheapest tickets you'd be looking at it is over the €300, and they're not exactly front row seats!

The cheapest tickets were a handful going at €70 which were predictably snatched up minutes after they went on sale.

You’d like to think Adele has some power when it comes to dictating the price of her tickets so hopefully she’ll be able to arrange some more affordable ticket options for those among us who aren’t absolutely loaded!

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