WATCH: The First Trailer For G...


WATCH: The First Trailer For Gladiator II Starring Paul Mescal Has Dropped


02:53 9 Jul 2024

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After much anticipation, it's finally here.

The trailer for Gladiator II starring Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal has dropped.

Check it out below ⬇

At 3 minutes long, the trailer is action-packed, and features Paul Mescal's character Lucius fighting a rhino, a spectacular sea battle, and a showdown between Lucius and General Acacius (Pedro Pascal).

It's also our first look at the other stars in the cast. Denzel Washington as Macrinus, Joseph Quinn as Emperor Geta and Connie Nielsen reprising her role as Lucilla.

Gladiator II lands in cinemas on the 15th of November 2024.

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