One Of The Most Famous Movie L...


One Of The Most Famous Movie Lines Nearly Didn't Happen

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:46 8 Jun 2023

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Any guesses? 

'Here's looking at you kid'?
You can't handle the truth!"?

It was actually the simple 3-word phrase "I'll be back", delivered by Arnold Schwarznegger in the The Terminator back in 1984!

And it nearly didn't happen because James Cameron (the movie's director and writer) had a massive argument with Arnold Schwarznegger!

The Austrian actor revealed in a new Netflix documentary that the pair clashed over whether the line "I'll be back" was a suitable line for a cyborg.

Arnold wanted to phrase it different, he pitched "I will be back" but recalled how Cameron asked him "Are you the writer?". When he replied no, the director told him "Well, don't tell me how to f*cking write."

It's a good thing Cameron is so assertive! Movie history could have changed forever 😂

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