First Look At Paul Mescal And...


First Look At Paul Mescal And Andrew Scott As Lovers In New Film

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:16 9 Aug 2023

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Someone check on Brendan O'Loughlin to see if he's ok 😂

Fans of Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal have been treated to a first look at their new movie All Of Us Strangers, where they play lovers.

It was revealed last year that the award-winning Irish actors would be starring in the movie based on a 1987 Japanese novel written by Taichi Yamada.

While it might just be one still image, fans are going wild for this first glimpse of their favourite Irish actors starring alongside each other in this sci-fi romance film!


The still image shows Harry (Paul Mescal's character) with his arm casually draped around Adam (played by Andrew Scott) while they're on a night out.

While this doesn't tell us a huge amount about the film, it's created a lot of buzz for its release later this year.

Here's what we know about the plot so far from the official synopsis for the movie:

"All Of Us Strangers follows screenwriter Adam, who, on a solitary night in his nearly vacant tower block in modern London, has an unexpected encounter with enigmatic neighbour Harry , disrupting the cadence of his routine. As Adam and Harry grow closer, Adam is drawn back to his childhood residence, unearthing the astonishing truth that his deceased parents (played by Claire Foy and Jamie Bell) are both alive and unaged, resembling the day they passed over three decades earlier.”


In the original 1987 Japanese novel, Adam's romantic interest was intended as a woman, however the film is being taken on by queer director Andrew Haigh who has put his own twist on the original story.

All Of Us Strangers is due to be released in cinemas on December 22nd 2023.

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