A Live Action Bambi Is In The...


A Live Action Bambi Is In The Works


12:29 15 Jun 2023

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Are we ready to be re-traumatised in HD 😂

Another Disney classic is getting the live-action remake! It was revealed yesterday by Deadline, the publication for movie news, that Oscar-winning director Sarah Polley was in talks to direct a live-action version of Bambi.

Disney have been all over the live action remakes in the last few years. The Lion King, The Jungle Book and most recently The Little Mermaid have all gotten modern remakes using computer generated animals instead of animated ones.

But we're in the very early days of this Bambi remake, so we don't know if Sarah Polley will take the visuals in a new direction!

Twitter was quick to react to the news of the 1942 classic getting a live-action makeover.

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