What Are The Sounds That Cool...


What Are The Sounds That Cool You Down?

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

10:00 12 Aug 2022

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With Ireland experiencing a heatwave we thought it might be a good time to cool off.

We all know the typical ways that people bring down their temperatures in hot weather. There is the buying of the ice cream, the classic 99, the jump in the sea and the air conditioner.

But we were wondering ''Can Sounds cool us down?''. We put our audio scientists to work in our sound lab and they came back with some interesting results.

Listener Top 5 Cool Sounds

  1. Ice Hitting the bottom of a glass.
  2. A cold can being opened.
  3. A cold breeze blowing.
  4. Walking on Snow *(The crunchy sound).
  5. A garden hose

If you need to cool down, stick on the headphones, close your eyes and have a minute of our cool sounds to relax...

What Are The Sounds That Cool You Down?

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