No Scientific Backing To Blue...


No Scientific Backing To Blue Monday

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

06:51 16 Jan 2022

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There is no science to back the claim that tomorrow ''Blue Monday'' is the most depressing day of the year.

Blue Monday which occurs on the third Monday of every year is considered a sad time following the over-indulgences of Christmas.

The collective bad form in mid January has traditionally been attributed to the fact payday comes late in the month and the lack of sunshine.

Regan was quick to point out that ''all months can have good and bad things happen in them''.


Take last night's Lotto jackpot winner, they'll hardly have a Blue Monday tomorrow.

However Clinical Psychotherapist Stephanie Regan says any month has the potential to be depressing.

She advises getting out in daylight hours and being ''kinder to yourself'' as ways of combatting the January blues.

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