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One thing we can guarantee for 2024- there is no New Year, New Me when it comes to Dublin Delish! Starting off a brand new year with a staple of many of our lives, the breakfast roll. And here is a spot which is doing a mighty fine one.

Declan & Donal's is an institute of Dublin's Northside. The deli first opened back in 1983 by Declan O'Hora. He was joined by his brother Donal just over 15 years ago. The deli is popular for plenty of dishes among the workers and students in the area; from pasta trays, filled baguettes, sandwiches and hot drinks. But their breakfast roll is what many across the city know them for best.

One feature of the breakfast roll ordering process which we really approve of, is the box ticking system used by the staff to ensure you get the breakfast roll you desire most. A choice of bread from sliced white, batch, crusty white, brown or a wrap is available, but a soft roll is what is recommended best. Then the all important fillings- sausages, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and mushrooms are all there to choose from. As are beans, which is a bit rogue in my opinion, but each to their own. The pièce de résistance is the spreadable white pudding though.

A feature of all three breakfast rolls featured so far on Dublin Delish - this is exactly what is needed to elevate the humble deli counter order to the next level. Check out Mrs Reid's on Kevin Street or Ger's Deli in Ballyfermot for two other great examples.

Choose your sauce, butter, mayo and or relish and your roll is complete. For €7, it's great value for money.

As you can hear by pressing play below, Brian & Suzanne made their own orders with Russell. Suzanne wants real cutter on crusty white with sausage, bacon, white pudding and eggs with red sauce. Meanwhile Brian opts for a brown bread sandwich with sausage, eggs, hash browns with both butter and mayo, plus some red sauce. Fascinating!


Dublin Delish - Declan & Donal's Epic Breakfast Roll

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Dublin Delish on 98fm, thanks to Cully & Sully, Great Food & Soup-er conversation. 

Catch Russell Alford every Tuesday morning at 10:30 with Brian Dowling & Suzanne Kane and check out the real on 98fm's Instagram page.


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