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98FM’s Big Breakfast – Rebecca Becomes Ambassador for Ayia Napa: Here’s How It Happened

Jamie Maguire
Jamie Maguire

12:20 2 Sep 2022

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It’s no secret our Rebecca is a bit of a fan of Ayia Napa. Her love affair with the sun hotspot started back with her sixth-year holiday and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by our listeners.

Fan of the show, Niel, got in touch with us in June explaining how he lived there for almost 30 years. He knew the mayor of Ayia Napa and felt Rebecca should be recognised in some way. Roll on three months and we have now received the good news that Rebecca Shekleton has been recognised for her passion of Ayia Napa and has been appointed an Official Ambassador of Ayia Napa.

Niel joined us on 98FM’s Big Breakfast to explain it all.

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