One Direction Are The Richest...


One Direction Are The Richest Of Them All


08:54 10 Nov 2015

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One Direction are the richest British celebs under 30 - with a combined fortune of 112 million euro.They made it to the top of the list by Heat magazine, followed by Daniel Radcliffe in second place and Robert Pattinson in third.

Adele, Ed Sheeran and Zayn Malik also made the top ten.

Here's the list in full:  

1. One Direction (82.08m)
2. Daniel Radcliffe (£65.8m)
3. Robert Pattinson (£51.04m)
4. Adele (£38.1m)
5. Emma Watson (£35.33m)
6. Ed Sheeran (£35.2m)
7. Rupert Grint (£27.8m)
8. Zayn Malik (£20.52m)
9. Alex Turner (£13.19m)
10. Mumford & Sons (£12.45)

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