“He’s A Very Selfish Character...


“He’s A Very Selfish Character”: Old Audio From Ronan Keating Resurfaces After Louis Walsh Branded Him “A Pr*ck”


10:48 19 Mar 2024

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He’s not doing himself any favours in there is he?

Louis Walsh is continuing his run of burning bridges during his stint in the Celebrity Big Brother.

Just last week we reported on the feud he reignited with Jedward, as he called the boys “vile”, and the two responded a rant on their social media, calling the former X-Factor judge "spiteful" and "disrespectful".


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Louis continues to shock viewers as the next celebrity in the line of firing was Ronan Keating, someone he formerly managed in Boyzone, calling the singer “a pr*ck”.

"Everybody thinks he's a lovely guy, do you know what I mean?” Louis Walsh said on an episode of Celebrity Big Brother while Ronan's hit song 'Life Is A Rollercoaster' blared around the house.

"He hasn't had a hit record since I left. He sacked me," Louis continued.

It’s well known that the pair don’t see eye to eye. Their feud goes back to 2006 when Ronan Keating had Louis Walsh fired has his manager.

Now in old audio obtained by the Sun, it's been revealed how Ronan Keating truly feels about his former manager.

"I've no respect for Louis because he has none for me. He was very jealous of me, " Ronan can be heard saying in the audio from 2006.

“I had to sack him because he wouldn't manage me. He's a very selfish character. It's bulls*** man. He's a bulls****er.”

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