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Fatboy Slim Reveals His Bizarre Routine For Psyching Himself Up Before A Show

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:18 29 Mar 2023

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This wouldn't be for us now.

Fatboy Slim has revealed the bizarre ritual he goes through before taking to the stage to perform.

Speaking on a podcast Changes in which he appeared as a guest, the superstar DJ, (who's real name is Norman Cook) explained the routine he has to go through every time he plays a set to make sure he's hyped up enough for it.


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After drinking THREE Red Bulls (that alone is a cause for concern 😂), putting on a Hawaiian shirt and removing his shoes, he has his tour manager Al *slap* him "really hard" across the face.

Yes, you read that right.

Great for the tour manager if he has some unvented frustration he needs to let out!

Fatboy Slim explained that the ritual first came about when he went sober 14 years ago.

"The slap replaces the cheeky vodka and orange or something else which used to get me on stage fighting" the DJ explained.

'It just means all my adrenaline is there and I am in a fighting mood to perk me up.'

Hey, if it works it works!

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