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Hide And Swift: Win The Last Pair Of Taylor Swift Ticket's In Dublin


09:18 28 Jun 2024

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Fancy getting your hands on the last pair of Taylor Swift tickets in Dublin?

You can do that right here on 98FM!


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Rebecca and Brendan have a pair of tickets to give away, only thing is - the tickets have been taken and replaced by a series of clues!

The clues have been hidden all around the 98FM building and we need listeners to come on air and help us figure out where they can be.


Clue 1 – "Taylor Swift sung about a Cruel Summer, but here at 98FM, we’d prefer to have a COOL summer"
STATUS = FOUND (Location: 5th Floor Juice Fridge)

Clue 2 – “Got a long list of ex lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane, But I’ve got a Blank Space baby… and I’ll ______ your ______”
STATUS = FOUND (Location: White Board 4th Floor)

Clue 3 – “Cos Baby, now we got Bad Blood”… you might need a plaster for that cut!
STATUS = FOUND (Location: First Aid Kit 5th floor)

Clue 4 – "If Travis Kelce shows up, we’ll have a ball"
STATUS =  FOUND (Location: Off The Ball studio)

Clue 5 – I knew you were trouble when you walked in… that’s why I called security
STATUS = FOUND (Location: Ground Floor reception)

Clue 7 – This treasure hunt is tiring… we might stop for a cup of…TAY!
STATUS = FOUND (Location: Tea caddy in 5th floor kitchen)

Clue 8 – This is your final clue. If you’re going to the gig tonight… bring a Cardigan

Tune into 98FM right now to hear the clues and text or Whatsapp TAYLOR to 0877989898 to register to play.

The caller on the line when we find the tickets will be the winner, check out the competition T&C's here.

Follow the action on our socials and best of luck! 🍀


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