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Matt bored with James Arthur feud


04:38 24 Oct 2013

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Matt Cardle is getting ready to release his 3rd album “Porcelain” tomorrow which features a track with Melanie C plus his latest single “When you were my girl”.

We were surprised this week to see that last year’s feud between XFactor winner James Arthur and Matt is still continuing – James mentioned something about Matt’s albums ending up in the Asda bargain basement even though he has actually sold over 2 million records!

98FM have literally just gotten off the phone to Matt to find out what’s going on.  He said “Look all I’m gonna say about this is I tried to give him some friendly advice a while ago which got thrown back in my face in a very ugly way and he decided to not drop it.  I really don’t think about him all that much”.

When asked if he was annoyed at us for asking the question Matt said “no not at all but the thing is Trina, I’m getting asked about it in every interview at the moment which is fair enough as it’s going on but I really have nothing more to say about it.  The guy is just deeply unpleasant”.

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