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The Best Movie And TV Characters Of All Time


12:14 23 Jun 2015

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Indiana Jones has been voted the greatest film character of all time. Harrison Ford's action hero beat James Bond, Darth Vader and Harry Potter to Empire Magazine's number one spot.

Breaking Bad's Walter White was named favourite TV character. He's joined in the top ten by Frank Underwood, Homer Simpson and Tony Soprano.

Top 10 Movie Characters:

1. Indiana Jones
2. James Bond
3. Star Wars’ Han Solo
4. Batman
5. Alien’s Ellen Ripley
6. The Joker
7. Die Hard’s John McClane
8. Fight Club’s Tyler Durden
9. Star Wars’ Darth Vader
10. The Big Lebowski’s The Dude

Top 10 TV Characters:

1. Breaking Bad's Walter White
2. Game of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister
3. The Simpsons’ Homer Simpson
4. Doctor Who’s The Doctor
5. The Sopranos’ Tony Soprano
6. Sherlock’s Sherlock Holmes
7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
8. 24’s Jack Bauer
9. The Wire’s Omar Little
10. House of Cards’ Frank Underwood

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