Season 2 Of Netflix's Wednesda...


Season 2 Of Netflix's Wednesday' Is Set To Be Filmed In Ireland


11:48 14 Nov 2023

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Jenna Ortega and co could be touching down in Ireland soon!

The Hollywood writers and actors strike are officially over so now we're getting all the news about delayed TV shows and films starting up production again.

One of those shows would have been Wednesday, Netflix's massively successful series based on the popular character from The Addams Family.

It beat out huge shows like Stranger Things to secure the record of most watched TV series in an English language (Squid Games still holding onto that top spot!) - drawing in over 250 million views for its first season.

The show sky-rocketed the career of leading actor Jenna Ortega, who has since gone on to have roles in Scream VI and the upcoming Beetlejuice remake.

Following the huge success of the first series, another one is now on its way. And according to Deadline, the production has its sights on filming on location in Ireland.

The first season was filmed in Romania, providing the eerie Balkan backdrop suitable for the gothic vibe of the series. But it seems that the location may have come with some logistical issues so the production has to look elsewhere for Season 2.

Sure where else would you look for a bleak and creepy setting than our beautiful country 😂

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