Marian Keyes Warns Netflix To...


Marian Keyes Warns Netflix To Use Authentic Irish Accents In Her Upcoming Series


10:00 28 May 2024

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She's dead right!

Marian Keyes has warned Netflix that they’re to cast authentic Irish voices in the upcoming series based on her book Grown Ups.

Speaking at the Hay Festival, the best-selling author revealed that she had one big demand when it came to adapting her 2020 novel and that was to not have any dodgy Irish accents from the actors involved.

"It would be so, so nice if they use people who can do Irish accents. I mean, the accents are just… I weep! I am corroded with pain."


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The 60-year-old writer is also being brought on as an executive producer of the series so she should get some sway over who gets cast - including a cameo from herself!

“If I really am executive producer it means that I can choose. I’d also like a cameo. And my mother wants one as well. The place we could be would be a chemist. We both enjoy bad health. That’s what we want.”

Grown Ups, Keyes' best selling novel from 2020, is about a woman who suffers a concussion, which ultimately uncovers feelings, emotions and desires that she never knew she had.

While it’s still in the early stage of development, we don’t have any clue when we can expect it to land on our screens but we’ll be keeping an eye out for a film crew around Dublin!

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