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Love Island Trailer: Boys Secretly Leave Villa For Casa Amor


03:29 3 Feb 2020

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Get ready for Casa Amor. The trailer for tonight's episode of Love Island has been released and the show's second villa is back!

We'll see the boys secretly leave for Casa Amor and meet the new girls. Laura Whitmore then surprises the OG girls in the main villa with the announcement of six new boys.

The Boys Secretly Leave For Casa Amor

The lads are told to pack up and leave the Main Villa without the girls knowing. And where are they off to? A lads’ holiday at Casa Amor of course…

Finn, Luke T and Nas opt to leave gifts behind for the girls they are coupled up with. But, stuck for an idea, Callum leaves without doing the same for Shaughna.

When the girls realise what’s happened, Shaughna admits: “Every single bed had stuff on it apart from mine. I go for the idiots all the time. I just feel like it’s happening again. It’s just annoying.”

Meanwhile, the boys are getting to know their way around the stunning new Casa Amor Villa.

Luke M - whose recent romance with Jess has ended - admits: “I’m buzzing. I’m speechless. I’m on top of the world. I just can’t wait to get stuck in.”

And thinking of the girls they’ve left behind Mike adds: “The girls are going to be tense… This villa is designed to test.”

Nas says in the Beach Hut: “On the one hand things are going well between me and Demi but it is still early doors.”

Finn says: “We’re all excited to meet the new girls, whether that be romantically – for a couple of us, I’m thinking romantically.”

And it’s not long before the new girls - Molly, Eva, Jamie, Priscilla, Natalia and Jade - arrive and share which lads they’ve got their eyes on.

Molly says: “I like Luke M, there’s also a few others I’ve had my eye on...”

Priscilla adds: “Mike, Nas and Luke M…”

Natalia admits: “I’ll probably say, not in a particular order, Finn, Callum and Luke M.”

Jamie says: “Callum, Finn and Nas but you need to have conversations and see.”

Jade adds: “I like Finn, Luke M and Callum.”

Eva says: “Mike, Nas and Luke M as well…”

Proving popular, Luke M admits in the Beach Hut: “There is one girl in particular, my jaw just hit the floor… Molly, she is just like fire. She is just the full package. I can’t wait to get to know her. Wow!”

Laura Whitmore Surprises The Girls

Not letting the boys have all of the fun, host Laura Whitmore arrives at the Main Villa to surprise the girls.

Gathering them at the fire pit she says: “So girls, as you can tell, the boys aren’t here. They’ve gone, as you may have guessed, to Casa Amor. They will be getting to know six new girls.”

Laura adds: “You didn’t think I’d leave you on your own here, did you? Couldn’t do that. There are six new hot single boys ready to meet you all.”

Arriving at Main Villa, the new boys - Josh, Alexi, Biggs, George, Jordan and Ched - soon start mingling with the girls.

In the Beach Hut Rebecca says: “I’ve gone from having zero men to having the choice out of six men. I’m buzzing!”

Jess, who is unsure of her position with Mike, adds: “This is an exciting time. So many new faces, different personalities. I’m excited to see what they’ve got to say, who you bounce off.”


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Casa Amor Takes On Main Villa In Cocktail Challenge

In the evening, Main Villa and Casa Amor are pitched against each other in a cocktail challenge, with the winning Villa bagging themselves a celebratory party.

Breaking the ice, the Islanders are tasked with passing the ingredients of four different cocktails between their mouths, racing to fill up their glasses the quickest.

With a cocktail party up for grabs, the Islanders quickly get to know each other.

But who will be victorious?

Boys And Girls Get To Know The New Bombshells

Fresh from the challenge the Islanders in each Villa get to know more about each other.

In Casa Amor Finn admits: “Boys, I personally don’t think my head’s going to turn. However, there is a however, obviously Molly, Natalia and Jamie… she’s funny…”

Mike says: “I like Eva’s personality, she’s bubbly.” He adds: “I took Priscilla to one side, seems like a very nice girl.”

Nas admits: “The novelty of the new girls has piqued my interest and excited me in all honesty…”

And as Callum gets to know Molly, Finn confesses: “I thought he’d be blinkers on” with Mike adding: “He has shocked me.”

As Molly chats to Callum alone that evening they discuss everything from their dogs, to which sweets Callum can fit in his dimples.

And when talk turns to the sleeping situation that night, is Callum about to invite a new bombshell into his bed?

Meanwhile, in the Main Villa on the daybed, Josh wants to know where Shaughna’s head is at.

He admits: “I’m going to lay my cards on the table here, but I think you’re super gorgeous. Your personality is awesome. I think you’re great. I feel like you and me would get along. If you’re pretty safe with Callum, I can’t rock that. But I feel like I can give you a bit more than Callum can give.”

So do the Islanders in each Villa have something to worry about?

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media One from 9pm.

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