Love Is Blind UK Confirms Summ...


Love Is Blind UK Confirms Summer Release Date


01:07 22 Mar 2024

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Great news for Love Is Blind fans!

One of the most deranged reality show concepts has made its way across the Atlantic, and the creators of Love Is Blind have confirmed the UK version is coming this summer.

The show is going to be hosted by married couple Emma and Matt Willis (the latter also known for being one third of Busted!) and the pair announced on social media yesterday that Love Is Blind UK will be coming to Netflix in August.

When we said this is one of the most deranged reality dating shows - we meant it!

For those unfamiliar, Love Is Blind asks the question: Can you fall in love with someone without seeing what they look like?

The singletons who sign up for the show go on a series of dates with one another, going into individual pods and talking through a wall so they never see each other. If the connection is strong enough, they can choose to get engaged, and it’s only then they find out what the other looks like.

We told you it was crazy 😂

The show follows the engaged couples for a few weeks as they prepare for their wedding and tests to see if their love works in the real world.

The show originated in America (where else?) and has since been adapted for Brazilian and Japanese audiences. Now it’s coming to the UK and it’ll be interesting to see what crazy characters it introduces!

Love Is Blind UK comes to Netflix in August 2024..

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