Keith Duffy Is Getting His Own...


Keith Duffy Is Getting His Own Show Called 'Keith's Teeth'

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

10:10 29 Aug 2023

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Yes, you read that right 😂

RTÉ are after launching their new TV schedule for Autumn, and there's one show that sticks out for us.

Keith Duffy is going to be examining "the nation's changing relationship" in a brand new show called Keith's Teeth: A Dental Odyssey.

The former Boyzone star has been sent out to Turkey where many Irish heads go to get their veneers on a budget. He chats to Hughie Maughan, who reveals he spent €10,000 getting the perfect set of teeth.

Speaking to The Irish Sun, the Big Brother star said: “Getting the right teeth changed my life. Teeth are massively important now, whatever you want to do. I had 20 Crowns done. It was painful but I would never change it."

“I flew out to Turkey to get them done and Keith just wanted to know was it safe going out there. I told him, ‘Yes, do it’.” he added.

In the preview for the new season of RTÉ, Keith Duffy can be seen asking a classroom full of children: "Who would like to have whiter teeth?"

I guess we'll have to tune in to see what the consensus is!

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