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ITV Release First Look At Middle-Aged Love Island 'My Mum, Your Dad'


12:06 2 Aug 2023

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Find us glued to this in September!

Love Island came to a close on Monday night but ITV aren't giving us any rest from the reality dating shows.

Last night they released a trailer for My Mum, Your Dad a show that's been branded as a "middle-aged version" of Love Island.

Except there's a slight twist on the regular, set-the-men-up-with-the-women-and-away-you-go format.

The premise of My Mum, Your Dad is that the contestants on the show are there because they've been nominated by their grown-up children who want to see them have another (or a first!) shot at love.

And there's a twist! The parents don't know that their children will be watching them the whole time from a nearby secret location called 'The Bunker'. They'll be able to watch their parents interact with the other contestants in real time and even influence who they get to go on dates with.

Davina McCall, who I think we can all agree was the obvious choice to present this show, couldn't be more excited about the upcoming release of My Mum Your Dad.

"Thank goodness the secret is finally out. I've been bursting to tell.!"

"This show will have you so invested in the people in it, " she added. "Fascinating, vibrant individuals who have lived incredible lives already, with a million life lessons under their belts, as they search for their perfect life partner."

While we haven't been given an official release date for the show yet, ITV has promised we can expect it on our screens come Autumn time.

Between that and the Big Brother reboot, we won't have any time to ourselves at all!

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