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ITV Confirm Middle-Aged Version Of Love Island: 'My Mum Your Dad'


01:17 9 Jun 2023

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We're finally getting what we've been asking for!

Love Island has been one of the most popular reality dating show on for years now, but it has gotten a bit of criticism in recent years for always casting the same type of people.

You know, skinny, good-looking, straight people in their 20s basically!

People have been crying out for an older version of Love Island for years, and now we're finally getting one!

Originally called Romance Retreat, My Mum Your Dad is now the official name of the show being dubbed as "Middle-aged Love Island" and it will be hosted by Davina McCall.

So, what can we expect from the show?

It already works a little differently to Love Island in the way that the contestants have to be single parents, and they have to have been put forward for the show by their grown-up children!

And instead of a sunny, luxurious villa in Mallorca, My Mum Your Dad will be hosted in a country house retreat.

We've also been made aware that there's a twist. The children who volunteered their parents to be on the show will be watching their every move from a nearby location called 'The Bunker'. And they get a say in who gets to date who on the show!

This format isn't completely new, it's actually already been done quite successfully in US and Australian versions of the show.

The Country House Retreat where 'My Mum Your Dad' will be set, Image: ITV


Speaking on hosting the show, Davina McCall said:

"Thank goodness the secret is finally out! I've been bursting to tell! I'm so excited to host My Mum, Your Dad - this show will have you so invested in the people in it."

"Fascinating, vibrant individuals who have lived incredible lives already, with a million life lessons under their belts, as they search for their perfect life partner."

"But also with the juiciest twist of any show I've ever worked on."

Looks like we have a lot to look forward to!

We can expect My Mum Your Dad to air sometime this autumn 📺

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